Monday, January 19, 2009

Vigeant/Stumbris visit

We were lucky enough to have house guests the first weekend in the house (that's not even slightly sarcastic; Margot and Steve are pretty much the first people that Jenny and I ever made friends with as a couple, and some of our very favourite people in the world. Gush, gush.) - so a total of four small boys (and their accompanying adults) enjoyed each other, some early Christmas presents, a walk in the woods, and generally hanging out. Most amusing moment: handing Margot one of her presents (a signed Neil Gaiman print) in a tube and seeing a wry smile on her face followed by "Ewan, open that flat package" - she had got me the exact same print, but framed!

As you can see from several of these pictures, the older three boys thought that the digital cameras were far too much fun :).

We also went to CMOST - the Children's Museum of Science and Technology - and had the place totally to ourselves! Not that we were complaining. The boys' favourite exhibit was the green-room 'be a weather anchor' video system, but the rockpool aquarium got my vote. And they had a neat planetarium/movie screen which we again had to ourselves (and could hence be silly in while lounging on cushions. Much fun)

It was a blast, and a wonderful way to christen the house.

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