Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moon over VT

We spent a fun couple of days up in VT with friends recently. Getting there, no problem, although the Golf had one refusal at their steep, twisty, dirt road.

Then it snowed.

Getting *down* said road in the absence of traction control, snow tyres, chains, >2-wheel drive, or other accoutrements was a tad tricky. I left Jenny and the boys at base camp (with the snow-tyred Subaru!) while I tried to get down using the snowbanks as a braking device. Lots of fun, for certain high-epinephrine values of fun!

Almost worked; I only needed one tow truck. Whose driver looked at my almost-bald tyres and managed not to say 'bloody idiot,' instead limiting himself to 'well, no wonder' :).

Yes, I now have new tyres.

Anyway: adventure aside, we took some neat moon photos from the deck of the house.

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