Monday, January 19, 2009

A real post! Inauguration and folk music

We're rapidly approaching the final day on my '385 days until the moron is GONE!' calendar, and every commentator known to man has pointed out the delightful apposition of MLK Jr.'s day of remembrance, today, and tomorrow's inauguration. [OK, it *is* pretty cool.]

I just hope that we don't have the same buyer's remorse that hit the left of the UK Labour party with Blair. There are parallels - Tony eventually went off the deep end into faith-based governance, and the current US system allows only professed Christians to be elected, basically - but I do have hope: Gitmo is being closed (but the bigoted pastor still gets to speak at the celebration!), more money is going into science (but dammit, stop cutting taxes!), and the cabinet seems mostly full of smart people (if they are allowed to speak.. see Steven Chu on fuel taxes today..).

OK. For one day, I'm going to just permit internal belief that the progressive left might actually see some of their hopes realised. And as a symbolic startpoint? How about Pete Seeger singing the 'radical' verses of This Land is Your Land?

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