Sunday, January 18, 2009

The house is ours :).

You should come visit. Yes, YOU.

[Seriously. We love guests, and the chance that you're reading this and *don't* know us seems pretty minimal :)]

This is the moving-in day; the number of boxes has decreased (but not yet to zero) since then. Keiran is enjoying the new fire:

- we had a long debate over whether we should have a wood-burning 'real' fireplace or the gas imitation, with Jenny arguing for the latter. As you can see, probably, she - and convenience - won out. Jenny is also responsible for arty touches such as the mosaic :). I didn't get a fireplace; what I did get was a decent cooktop-oven combination:

and (most sybaritically) a shower. Not just a beautiful shower - although it is! - but also one that is (i) large enough for me to not feel cramped and (ii) has a 7' shower head instead of the usual below-my-head-height positioning :-)).

...err. Oops. Apparently the photos here have exceeded my hamster balance or something. OK, I have actually fixed this, but the fix will not be in place until tomorrow... so those of you waiting with bated breath will just have to wait until then for shower photos :-)

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