Friday, November 28, 2008

Other Aidan stuff :-).

Last of the catching-up posts, I think. It's getting late ;).

He's really been a superb big brother. One of my favourite episodes thus far was when he decide that Keiran must want a little house of his own, and started walling him in with magnatiles:

...but in general, he's really good at caring for Keiran, and Keiran really seems to like him, too.

Other stuff that happened to Aidan this month: the big one was his 6th birthday. First time we've had a party where parents dropped off their children and didn't stay!

Our wonderful friend Margot sent us some new-parent-care food, which came on dry ice, and Aidan got a huge kick out of seeing what that did in his bath.

...and we'll finish up with a 'no special occasion' photo. Phew - ok, I skipped a bunch of stuff (my trip to DC for the Neuroscience meeting, the whole process of cooking Thanksgiving dinner [it was great!], a pretty decent baroque concert) - but I can at least pretend to be up to date. If anyone is actually reading: Happy Thanksgiving!

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