Friday, November 28, 2008

Aidan and hallowe'en

We *almost* had a real Guy Fawkes' night - a holiday that is my favourite but which is sadly unknown over here. Melanie, from my lab, graciously offered to host, and we had a reasonable fire...

...but apparently fireworks are **illegal** (!!!) in New York, and everyone felt the need to be law-abiding. Bah ;).

So instead, we had the modern US version of Hallowe'en: costumes and candy.

(Aidan is inside the Power Ranger outfit. Elana - in the angel costume - kept denying that she was in costume at all :). She also led the kids through the neighbourhood holding a flashlight overhead that made her look extremely ethereal - neat effect.)

Then Aidan threw a fit, and got put in time out... which is far less effective when one's hosts' daughter comes and decides to join you in 'time out' :-). Oh well.

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