Thursday, November 27, 2008

Combined house post

OK, this covers both pre- and post-Keiran, and is maybe redundant now that we're almost at closing - sorry.

[I'm also skipping some stuff - for example, the security system details!]

We got to see the kitchen cabinets and wood floor for the first time Oct 16; the floor guys - as honestly all of the craftsmen we met - were extremely pleasant, seemed happy to answer our uninformed questions, and look to have done great work. If you're building a house in Albany and want references, ask!

Then life - and Keiran - intervened, and the next time we were at the house, ten days later, the cabinets were all in.

At that point, finishing touches were just *starting* to appear - things like the tile on some floors (here's the boys' bathroom floor)

and random items would appear in the garage - ok, so Keiran is a lawbreaker from an early age (that's my boy!). See also the light that would be going in Aidan's "secret room" - he got to pick this one as a reward for tolerating so much time spent on house stuff.

And now we're almost up to date: the photo below has the floors in their final form, but the fireplace is now stained to match the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen counters are in, lights are installed and as of today the only major things remaining appear to be the cooktop installation, a bit of tiling, and touch up stuff. Hope so - we're supposed to have the final walkthrough on Monday!

Finally, we'll be out of the cramped apartment and into what we hope will be our home for a long time. Come visit!

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