Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shark? Jumped.

At least, I have to believe so: that is, that with the choice of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP ticket-mate, the election just ended and Obama (along with Joe Biden, from whom I am only two steps* in Bacon terms, likely the closest I am going to get to a US presidential candidate!) won. I just don't see ANY way for the electorate not to see this as a cynical, frankly desparate, poorly thought-out, hasty and potentially dangerous (for the country) gamble. A religious fanatic, clueless (she believes, for example, that the pledge of allegiance written in 1906 was 'good enough for the founding fathers' - there are many other such direct quotes already), already in the midst of scandal, lacking in any apparent qualification... well, wow.

Now, I have to admit that one of the enjoyable things about this whole election has been that there have been *lots* of folks on the Democrat side with whom I would have been
at least reasonably pleased as President - or VP - but not a single one from the Republicans. So McCain didn't exactly have a stellar draft pool. But even the process appears to have been botched: a single meeting between McCain and Palin? No background vetting? Markedly annoying other leading party figures? Wow.

I hope I'm right...

[*He's from Delaware. Jenny's family is from Delaware. It's not a big place :-)]

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