Sunday, September 14, 2008

More US Politics... sorry!

A revealing graphic from the Washington Monthly, putting into graphic form the (trustworthy) Tax Policy Center (sic) report on the likely impact of candidates' proposed tax policy.

So how can it be that some non-rich folk still believe that they are better economically served by a Republican administration? Beats me. Back-of-the-envelope math suggests (if my numbers are close) that the McNay family share of the US debt has gone up by roughly $60K [if we count 'bleep' as a 4th member - it's ~$15K per head] during the Bush tenure. We're far from being at the median national income, and we're way, way worse off - how $%^#ing screwed have the working class been??

[Oh, but I forgot. McCain thinks that an income of $5 million a year is needed to count as rich. I guess under that metric some non-rich folks *are*, possibly, better off these days...]

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Clint said...

aligned on politics.. very happy to see you are doing well and an extended congratulations on your new child

(today, i listened to an interview of Terrence Howard on NPR (paraphrasing) "there are ~100 billion stars in our galaxy, and ~6 billion people on earth.. if everyone had their own star, there would be 94 billion unoccupied.. Life is very precious.")