Monday, September 08, 2008

Hey! We have titles!

No, this is not *really* a post about the existence of titles; but it *is* a further step in maybe, perhaps, understanding what I am doing here.

This post is really about this past weekend - which means that I am giving up on trying to catch up in chronological order on nascent posts from the summer, but they will/should/might appear in a random order...

...highlights of the weekend:
* raspberry picking at Indian Ladder Farms, a very close and great PYO place; the raspberries were indeed great, but they also had several serendipitous elements, including apple cider doughnuts (oh, yum!), the delicious chocolates of local maker Chocolate Gecko (complete with free samples) and hayrides (although we didn't have time for the last).
* grilling at Vaishali (my new postdoc) and Avin's place - thanks, guys! - where Aidan insisted on playing his new game LandLock as well as TransAmerica
* picnic with psych faculty and grad students
* catching up on sleep. Go sleep! :-)

OK. Now I have to go actually work. More later. Maybe.

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