Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As many of you know, we recently moved to Albany; one of the fun - but stressful! - parts of the move was trying to find a new home. In the end, we gave up on existing houses (a variety of reasons, one of the least expected being a high number that had pools which we do *not* want)
and decided to build our own.

This has been generally very positive; our builder (Swift Builders, a smallish family firm) has been very responsive and accommodating - helped we suspect by the very poor market for them right now! - and we are pretty sure that we will end up with something better and cheaper than we could have found otherwise.

This will doubtless be a recurring theme, but: here are some pics of the progress thus far. We've been quite surprised at the speed with which things have sprung up, despite two weeks of *torrential* rain, and it looks as though we may actually be in on schedule. Which is 5 days after Jenny is due to give birth... a little luck on either or both ends would be good!

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