Friday, July 18, 2008

Aidan* is just a delight to be around these days. Favourite quote from the past week: on deciding that he didn't want to do something after all (I forget what): "Because it's so undignified."

He's been at Camp Nassau, an Albany YMCA camp of apparently long tradition and ubiquity, this week; neither one of us is impressed, really. It's fine, just not inspiring nor very personal. As Aidan correctly noted, we'd all rather that he got to spend the whole summer "doing fun things with just me like I do at Grams' house." Sigh. Well, the last week of his summer there *is* no camp, so maybe I'll try to fill that role - although I'm teaching class that week, too...

...anyway, just a note to myself not to forget how much joy he's giving us right now.

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