Saturday, October 18, 2008

Keiran arrives!

OK, I have been remiss in posting. Not that anyone is reading anyway :-). Class stuff, house stuff - I need to put up another set of pics there for sure - but mostly trying to get ready for what turned out to be yesterday: our second son was born.

Keiran Rory Liam McNay. October 17th, 2008, 1620 EST. 49cm and 2.95 kg.

It was honestly a wonderful day: glorious autumn weather and colours, Jenny and I got to wander around and enjoy the water garden at my new lab and hold hands for a while, then go over to the hospital when the contractions got to about every 2 min. [The waters broke at ~8 a.m., but Keiran was in no distress when checked, so no need to rush.] Arrive at hospital at 3.10, at which point it was obvious we'd timed things about right, and - whoosh! - there he was.

The staff both of Jenny's ObGyn practice and in the delivery unit were great, thankfully, and didn't object at all to me easing Keiran out, checking that he was fine, placing him on Jenny's belly and so on. That was all a delightful contrast to last time when we kicked out three doctors :).

Anyway: typing one-handad is tough, and I need to send announcement emails, but more later. Enjoy the pics.


Julie Stenken said...

Congratulations!! I hope little Kieran (beautiful name - good friend of mine at AstraZeneca has that name) sleeps all night so that daddy can teach and get tenure.

I'm still waiting to see a blog on brain glucose! :-)

Best wishes,
Julie Stenken

Ewan said...

Julie -

- I know :). I really do intend to do some actual science on here at some point..

Julie Stenken said...

That's ok - let's get some grants together instead. See your UA email today!

BTW - I hope to write for money to have an international conference on all in vivo chemical analysis methods in probably 2011. Not for just somewhat cliquish neurochem folks - gosh I hope my colleague Sophie Sarre doesn't see this since they are hosting the next In Vivo Meeting in Brussels.

Hope you, the kids, and your wife are doing well!

Jay said...

Congrats Ewan! Now no maze experiments until he's at least been weaned. ;)


Drugmonkey said...

Congratulations to all four of you! Welcome Kieran.